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Randi Elisabeth Moberg Aasen

She has been painting since she was young. She is grown up in Skogn in Mid-Norway but lived in the area of capital Oslo from early 90's. Educated nurse but works part-time to dedicate herself to painting. Formal painting education is 1 year afternoon-courses at Vika painting-school and numerous other courses and seminars. The themes are mostly around some sort of  "relations" and the pictures form up from tensions between positive and negative parts of the painting surface. She has been presented on different exhibitions e.g. at Katakomben in Oslo, Gallery H-11 in Baerum and Mid-Nordic art festival.


+47 95202991




1994-1995   "Living shop"  in Oslo  with Eva  Kurseth

1996    School of Mosebekk in Oslo with Hans Normann Dahl and Dang van Ty

1997-1998  Vika school of art - One year afternoon  lessons.

2000   Intuitive painting, 17 hours with Anne Gundersen

2001   Afternoon course: Watercolours with Margrethe Torp

2001   1 week painting course in Greece

2001   Watercolour lessons with Margrethe Torp

2007   Mid-Nordic art festival

2007 7 days Acrylic-painting with Hanna Hoeiness  

2007-2008   Bærum art club : Reviewing-class by Per Morten Karlsen and Hans Normann Dahl

2008   Acrylic-technics with Peter Esdaile

2011    Review with Bjørn Helge Hansen


2007 - Bærum paint club

2011 - NFUK – Nowegian Union for Independent Artists


1998  Katakomben Art centre in Oslo 

2000  Katakomben Art centre in Oslo 

2007  Mid - Nordic art festival

2007  Baerum paint club

2008  Baerum paint club

2009 Gallery Tautra

2009 Galleri Empati - Fosen

2010 Galleri Ellen Kvam - Lysaker Brygge

2011 Temporaryr Exhebition at BUF i Asker

2011 NFUK lMain Exhebition in Oslo Cauncil


2007   Mid - Nordic art festival : Jaegtvoll scholarship

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